Billing and Fees


Many insurance companies cover neuropsychological evaluations. Please check with your insurance carrier to determine your benefits. If applicable, you will be required to meet insurance deductibles at the time of service. Our office can provide you with more specific information.


You are required to 1) know whether or not your insurance requires a referral and 2) be sure you have obtained a referral before you are scheduled to see one of our doctors. Referrals typically have an expiration date and a limited number of visits so you should be careful to monitor the dates and visits. Our office will not see a patient who does not have a valid referral.


If your insurance company requires authorization for a neuropsychological evaluation, we will complete required paperwork after the consultation visit. If your doctor is not an “in network provider” you will need to provide us with necessary paperwork. Authorizations for initial consult visits, if required must be obtained through your regular doctor or specialist.


Fees for evaluations range depending on the services required. A typical neuropsychological evaluation may range from $800-2500, depending on referral questions and other factors. Please contact our office for further information about your specific circumstances.

Fees for intervention services and whether the intervention is a covered insurance benefit vary by type of intervention and a patients’ specific insurance plan. Please contact our office with questions. More specifically:

  • Cognitive rehabilitation is billed in 15-minute increments at $50 each. This is generally a covered benefit of most insurance plans if the patient has a medical diagnosis of an acquired brain injury.
  • The Cogmed working memory intervention is not a covered benefit by insurance plans and the cost is a flat rate of $1500. Please see for further information about what this fee includes.
  • Cognitive coaching is not a covered benefit by insurance plans and the rate ranges from $75 – $90 per session depending on frequency.
  • School advocacy is not a covered benefit by insurance plans. The rate is $250 for the first hour and $30 for each additional 15 minutes.


We accept HSA/FSA plans, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover cards, as well as cash and check.


Your account will be charged a $25 fee for each returned check. In addition, you will be asked to bring cash to our office to cover the returned check fee.


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